NashBuilt Construction is a full service general-contracting and construction management company that specializes in commercial developments. The company leadership has over thirty-five years of experience of combined experience and have continued to be active leaders in the hospitality industry. NashBuilt is dedicated to providing clients with world-class customer service while turning your vision into a reality.

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Naresh (Nash) Patel

Naresh (Nash) Patel


Naresh (Nash) Patel, President, owns and operated several hotels within the Gulf Coast panhandle area as well as provide products and services within the Hospitality Industry. He is also a licensed General Contractor in the State of Florida and is currently developing several new construction hotels.

Nash served as Chairman of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) in 2004-2005. A recent study conducted by PKF Hospitality Research shows that the 16,000 AAHOA members which owns 22,000 hotels (One of every two Hotels in the US owned by Asian Indians) which together have almost 1.8 million rooms and a property value of 128.7 billion. According to a widely accepted industry research, AAHOA members own more that 40 percent of the number of hotels in the United States and 39 percent of all of the guest rooms. Employment at these hotels totals 578,600 employees, including the equivalent of 436,900 full time jobs plus additional part-time workers, who are paid $9.4 billion annually in salaries and wages. Payroll taxes, subsidized health insurance, vacation pay and pension contribution adds another $2.5 billion in compensation.

AAHOA hoteliers are typically small business entrepreneurs, but have established portfolios that include numerous full-service, limited-service and independent lodging facilities. They have strong roots in their communities and generate a powerful local "ripple" economic effect through their expenditure of operating expenses plus capital investment.

Since his tenure, his priorities are to help franchisees and franchisors to collaborate toward a win-win relationship, to improve quality of service, to help controlling costs and to help the franchise industry to face its environmental and social responsibilities.

Nash also helped the organization, co-founded by his brother Jay, known as the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators, Developers (NABHOOD) Nash was instrumental in bringing NABHOOD to the forefront of AAHOA and collaborate to help each other in its success. He also serves as the Industry Advisory Board for NABHOOD.

Nash also participates in local governments by serving as the Chairman Escambia County Tourist Development Council, (TDC) for the past six years . Its function is to promote and enhance tourism as well as providing Stuart ship for the countywide bed tax collected from tourism. Under his leadership the TDC budget has increased from 4M to 11.9M with a focus on effective spending.

He is also the founding member of the Escambia County Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) The group consists of local Hotel and Tourism leaders charge with seeking ways to increase Tourism in Escambia County and help County Commissioners Increase Tourism revenues and increase bed tax revenues which led to the formation of Visit Pensacola .

Nash also is the former Chairman of the local business organization called the Gulf Coast Indian Association (GCIA). He has served as the Chairman of GCIA for the past three years and led the organization to a platform where local Government has recognized and honored the presence of such a strong organization.

Nash also holds one of the industry's highest certification known as the Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) since 1999 and is commissioned by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA). He has also been a recipient of several industries recognized awards as the Chairman Award, Outstanding Service Award and the Generosity Award from AAHOA.

Nash currently serves on the prestigious AAHOA Past Chairman Council (PCC) and was the 2016-2017 Chair of the Council. At the organization's last national convention, the Past Chairman's Council of AAHOA appointed Nash for another three-year term to the Audit and Finance Committee. As past Chairman, Nash continues to use his position to advocate for the interests of the industry and the members of the organization.

Nash serves as the President for NashBuilt Construction. He can be contacted directly at for any inquires related to NashBuilt Construction.

Jay Patel

Jay Patel


Jay S. Patel -CHA is a real estate and P3 developer and manages multiple assets of franchised hotels in the panhandle area of the Gulf Coast. He is an early member of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA). For over three decades he and his network have brought thousands of Asian Hoteliers together to speak with one voice and has, with others, led AAHOA, GCIA and other Asian Associations to evolve to become the world's largest Hotel Association with 22,000 hotels and 16,000 members.

Mr. Patel is the author of Franchising Is It Fair? How to Negotiate an Equitable Franchise Agreement! He is a recognized expert in the Hospitality Franchised Industry. He realized at an early stage that franchising had many pitfalls. He felt the need to communicate and educate hoteliers/Franchisees about these pitfalls to Franchisees thus protecting many life time savings investments and their borrowed loans while many time mortgaging their homes and other assets. For his passion to simply teach, Mr. Patel has donated over 15,000 hard copies of his book to inform Franchisees and Hospitality students all over the country of their rights and obligations.

Mr. Patel is also very involved within State of Florida and was appointed in 2012 and again repointed in 2016 to the Board of Trustee of the University of West Florida by the Governor of Florida. Recently, he has been appointed as member of the Board of Governors for Florida's State University System. Mr. Patel has also has hadd three unanimous Senate confirmations within the past eight years.

Mr. Patel also co-founded the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operator and Developers (NABHOOD). Within a few short years NABHOOD has successfully helped African Americans to acquire almost six hundred Hotels and become a major player of the Hospitality Industry. Mr. Patel also helped brining additional resources such as Franchising, Capital Funding and Management Companies.

For many of his accomplishments Mr. Patel was recognized and honored with three Honorary Doctorate for his accomplishments rewarding him for his implication in education, theology and the hospitality industry. Over the years, Mr. Patel has been the recipient of multiple industry-recognized awards from various national organizations including the prestigious Outstanding Service Award, The Award of Excellence, The Spirit Award, The Strategic Partnership Award, The Chairman's Award and most recently, The Hispanic Industry Leadership Award from the International Hispanic Meeting Professional.

Mr. Patel is also facilitating the transition of the hospitality industry to the 21st century by testing, promoting and using various blockchain technologies through complex reservation, payments, evaluation and monitoring smart systems. This model is also meant to digitally monetize Hotels' most underperforming assets.

Jay serves as the Chief Operating Officer for NashBuilt Construction. He can be contacted directly at for any inquires related to NashBuilt Construction.

Kait Drolshagen

Vice President of Operations & Development

With over 15 years of Sales, Construction and Real Estate Management experience, Kait has been immersed in strategically analyzing, positioning, and successfully marketing national companies from the beginning; first working for an Orlando based Real Estate Development Firm where as the Director of Operations Kait oversaw the simultaneous strategic development, promotion, budgeting, and implementation of exclusively tailored acquisition and expansion initiatives per a managed worldwide portfolio of over 25 real estate hospitality and lodging development projects. In addition to real estate, Kait also served as the Vice President of Sales and Development for a nationally recognized commercial Construction Company specializing in Hospitality/F&B Construction, Management and Operations. A company at which she was solely responsible for the development of new, and for the continued growth of existing commercial partnerships with the objective to maximize the Company's brand image, outreach, and profitability. And prior to joining the NashBuilt team, Kait owned and operated a Turnkey Design Build General Contracting firm, offering full-service Architecture, Structural & MEP Engineering, Interior Design, Construction, and Property Improvement solutions for Commercial and Hospitality Renovations, Additions, and New Build Construction. As Owner and Executive Vice President, she directed all Operations and Development; managing the Company's Design and Estimating Divisions, Project Management and Field Staff, Sales and Marketing outreach strategies, and all Contract Administration, HR, and Financial bookkeeping. Today, overseeing the NashBuilt brand, Kait will elevate the firm to be globally recognized as the "Gold Standard" in Real Estate, Contracting and Development.

Kait serves as the Vice-President of Operations & Development for NashBuilt Construction. She can be contracted directly at for any inquiries related to NashBuilt Construction.

Elery Denham

Senior Project Manager

Elery Denham has been involved in construction management and development for over 25 years of his career. After completing his industrial engineering degree in Georgia, Elery went on to become an expert in the corporate industry assisting with multi-million dollar projects, ranging from condominiums, hotels, distribution centers, and office locations. Further, Elery has exposed his experience to student housing for college and university systems, which led him to become Vice-President of Corporate and National Accounts for a company that generated approximately 42 billion dollars in revenue annually.

In his current role with NashBuilt, Elery ensures that he is active in projects from concept to creation. This includes budget management, sub-contracting, overseeing orders and shipments, and directly working with the corporate staff.

Elery serves as the Senior Project Manager for NashBuilt Construction. Elery can be contacted directly at for any inquiries related to NashBuilt Construction.

Kandace Patel

Accounts Manager

Kandace Patel has spent her career working in operations and management for the hospitality industry. Over the last 30 years, she has managed various hospitality franchises, such as Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, Clarion Inn, Best Western, Studio 6, and many others. Through her experience, she was also responsible for the financial management of each of the properties, including those that underwent construction and renovations. From ensuring that orders were correctly budgeted for, managing inventory of construction materials and property assets, as well as providing a well-rounded management style for each property under her wing, she has successfully formed her experience in the hospitality industry.

Currently, Kandace serves as the Accounts Manager for NashBuilt Construction. She can be contacted directly at for any inquires related to NashBuilt Construction.

Michelle Sweeney

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Michelle Sweeney has spent her career working as a certified public accountant (CPA). After graduating from the University of West Florida, she joined a highly regarded accounting firm, Warren Averett. She has spent +20 years with the firm at the Pensacola branch, serving in various roles such as Supervisor, Senior Accountant I and II . She has extensive experience with industries such as construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate.

Currently, Michelle serves as the CPA for NashBuilt Construction and manages the financial responsibilities. She ensures that the monthly billing and job budgets are monitored with diligent care. She also handles the federal, state, and local tax returns for the organization.

Michelle serves as the CPA for NashBuilt Construction. She can be reached directly at for any inquiries related to NashBuilt Construction.

Ken Laurette

Project Manager

Ken Laurette has been extensively involved in commercial construction for nearly 20 years of his career. From working as a Construction Services Department Manager to founding his own company, Ken has effortlessly displayed his passion for construction projects. Ken has worked with Courtyard by Marriott, Home2 Suites by Hilton, and apartment complexes in his career.

In his current role with NashBuilt, Ken serves as a Project Manager to provide leadership in executing construction plans and managing budgets. His ability to supervise and lead as a professional is exemplified on a daily basis.

Ken serves as a Project Manager for NashBuilt Construction. Ken can be contacted directly at for any inquiries related to NashBuilt Construction.

Mael Gomez

Superintendent/Assistant Project Manager

Mael Gomez has been in the construction industry for over 15 years with experience from renovations to new construction developments. From working as a Superintendent, Project Manager, and Estimator, Mael brings a refreshing viewpoint to the table. Mael's ability to succeed in working with contract negotiations and closing projects out make him a great asset to the team. Mael explores ways to solve issues proactively for all parties involved in construction.

In his current role with NashBuilt, Mael works with projects in the Orlando area. By working with other team members, Mael directly oversees the progress and transformation of projects with our clients at the forefront.

Mael serves as a Superintendent for NashBuilt Construction. Mael can be contacted directly at for any inquiries related to NashBuilt Construction.

Aman Patel

Project Developer

Aman Patel is an eager and motivated member of the construction and hospitality industry. After working with several renovations and new construction projects, Aman was able to identify his ability to work with teams in fast-paced roles and under tight deadlines. His ability to create solutions to complex problems is exemplified when providing updates to the parties in the construction development. Aman has assisted with multi-million dollar renovations, along with new hotel construction job sites.

In his current role with NashBuilt, Aman oversees the day to day operations with renovation projects and company development. By focusing on creating systems to ease the construction process, he has been able to help clients reduce costs and find effective solutions in construction. This includes tasks from budget management, overseeing orders, streamlining the documenting systems, compliance with safety standards, and ensuring the completion of work exceeds the client's expectations.

Aman is actively pursuing his license to assist clients with financing their residential and commercial projects by originating loans and assisting transactions between clients and financial institutions.

Aman serves as a Project Developer for NashBuilt Construction. Aman can be contacted directly at for any inquiries relating to NashBuilt Construction.

Romil Pandya

Senior Project Director-Coordinator

Romil Pandya has spent his career working in high-level construction projects. After earning a Master of Science in Construction Management from Pittsburg State University, Romil joined a New York firm as an Engineering Audit Intern. Shortly after, he became a Project Coordinator for Koch Corporation. His ability to maintain materials, allocate budgets, and resolve job site issues, he quickly rose in the ranks to become an Assistant Project Manager for Enerfab Power and Industrial.

In his current role, Romil oversees all of the Assistant Project Managers on the team, as well as directly working with our Orlando project division. His ability to work with teams is exemplified when Romil jumps right into action no matter what the tasks entail. His willingness to go above and beyond for clients is expressed daily.

Romil works as the Senior Project Director-Coordinator for NashBuilt Construction. He can be reached directly at for any inquiries related to NashBuilt Construction.

Patrick Broome

Project Manager

Patrick Broome has been in commercial and residential construction with 30 years of experience. He has provided framing for commercial buildings, concrete work, renovations, including hotels, as well as lobbies and restaurants. His knowledge of tiling, roofing, painting, including esteeming jobs, and material take-offs from start to finish make him an essential asset at NashBuilt.

In his current role with NashBuilt, Patrick serves as a Project Manager to provide leadership in our Panama City division. By working to satisfy our client's budget, timeline, and oversee all aspects of the project, he ensures that our final product exceeds our client's expectations.

Patrick serves as a Project Manager for NashBuilt Construction. Patrick can be reached directly at for any inquiries related to NashBuilt Construction.

Kishane Patel

Director of Development

Kishane Patel has spent his time involved in organizations management and has helped create NashBuilt from the inception of its time. After finishing his term in public service as an elected member of the Florida Board of Governors for the State University System and as a former Trustee at the University of West Florida, he joined the NashBuilt team to help recruit talent, manage operational aspects of the company, and assist the executive leadership.

In his current role with NashBuilt, Kishane serves as the Director of Development to provide assistance to all projects from Panama City all the way down to Miami. His ability to solve problems in the office allows him to create systems that ease the burden on other team players. He is currently in his last year of his legal studies and expects to receive his law degree in 2021.

Kishane serves as Director of Development for NashBuilt Construction. Kishane can be contacted directly at for any inquiries related to NashBuilt Construction.

Rory Davis

Admin Assistant

Rory Davis has become a motivated member of the construction industry, specifically, to assist our Accounting Division. Her desire to help create streamlined processes is exemplified in her role while helping process invoices and billing with third-party vendors.

In her current role with NashBuilt, Rory assists the Accounts team with ensuring that all third party transactions are handled in a timely manner. This includes budget management, overseeing third party invoices, and several other duties.

Rory serves as an Administrative Assistant for NashBuilt Construction. Rory can be contacted directly at for any inquiries relating to NashBuilt Construction.